Titan Garage Doors NE had a garage door spring replacement in Springfield, NE. This client was frustrated because they believed they had paid for long-lasting garage door springs from another provider. When we inspected the springs, they were the wrong size and not strong enough to bear the garage door's weight. Further inspection revealed the spring coils' resistance had deteriorated. We replaced the springs with a stronger, thicker model capable of repelling extreme stress. We tested the door before leaving, ensuring everything would be okay moving forward. 

Garage door spring size is something that many homeowners tend to overlook. When you are facing issues with your garage door, you might notice that the door is difficult to open or close. You may also find that the door wobbles when moving up or down. These issues can happen when the garage door spring needs replacing. Here are a few things to remember about garage door spring size.

Does Garage Door Spring Size Matter?

You have probably asked yourself whether garage door spring size matters. The short answer is yes. While it is true that a bigger spring will support more weight, it is not always necessarily the right choice for your garage door. It depends on how much weight you need to lift and how much room you have to fit the spring.

Torsion springs that are sized wrong have the potential to cause safety problems. As a result, the garage door can not perform as it should, which could cause it to break down and possibly put people at risk. Here are why garage door torsion springs must be an appropriate fit.

Oversized garage door springs can pose a serious safety hazard

Have you ever noticed that your garage door seems to open with too much force? Has it bounced up and down after opening, maybe even knocked people over? These are all signs that your garage door spring may be too big.

A too-large spring for your garage door can cause many problems. Not only is it dangerous for anyone using it, but it can also damage the opener and the door itself. Over time, the extra force from a too-large spring can wear out the opener's components. Thus, making it less reliable and eventually causing it to break down completely.

Small springs can reduce the opener's efficiency

It is important to have the right size spring for your garage door. A too-small spring can make the door opener less effective and cause the door to fall shut. That can be dangerous for anyone, especially children, who could get caught under the door. So check if your garage door is in good working order with the correct spring size to avoid accidents.

Choosing the Correct Size of Garage Door Spring

It is important to choose torsion springs for your garage door that are of specifications that will protect your door. Remember, different size springs offer different levels of support and can impact how well your door functions. A too-big or too-small torsion spring can cause your garage door to be unbalanced and unsafe. Replacing your torsion springs with ones that fit better will make your garage door safer and more efficient. So always consult a trained professional when working on your garage door involving the springs.

Do not let an ill-fitting garage door torsion spring put your safety at risk. Instead, contact our Titan Garage Doors NE experts to replace it with a correctly sized one that will help keep your door balanced and stable. If you need further assistance with garage door repair, we can help. For every style of garage door, we have the proper-size torsion springs. Through the years, we have earned the trust of the leading manufacturers in the industry, so you can rest assured that we can assist you in finding the best fit for your garage door. For more information about our services or to get a free estimate, call us or fill out our online request form.