A client from Elkhorn, NE, called us for an emergency service when one of their garage door springs snapped. They knew they should have replaced the springs since the door often closed too fast, but they did not. The incident left them with a crooked garage door that would not open. Our team was able to install a new set of springs in no time. We also tested the door to ensure it kept working without delaying the client's daily activities. It also ensured they were free from any safety concerns they may have had with their damaged door. Titan Garage Doors NE has completed another successful garage door spring replacement.

One of the main parts of a garage door is the springs. These springs are responsible for lifting the door up and down. Unfortunately, the springs could eventually lose their effectiveness as they age. When this happens, you may need to replace your current garage door springs with new ones. 

When Should You Replace Garage Door Springs?

Listed are some of the clear reasons why you should replace your springs:

An Unbalanced Garage Door Requires New Set of Springs

The door's balance is the key to it all. Therefore, an unbalanced garage door is an obvious sign of a problem. See, your garage door has two types of springs; torsion and extension. Now, when one extension spring breaks, one side of the door gets pulled upward more quickly than the other.

One spring is all it takes to keep your garage door operating smooth, but when that spring breaks, things can get crooked pretty quickly.

Excessive Noises From Your Garage Door

Unusual noises from your garage door are a warning sign that something is wrong with the springs. While squeaking is normal now and then, persistent or loud squeaking may imply a bigger problem.

Applying lubricant to garage door parts may solve the problem, but that will not help if the springs are worn out or broken. In this case, you will have to install new springs.

Although it is possible to replace a garage door spring yourself, it is best left to the professionals. This daunting task requires knowledge of the type of springs you have, and you must also be aware of the potential dangers involved.

There are Gaps in The Coil

The two sides of the spring come apart when it breaks, leaving a large gap. This breakage can happen because torsion springs have a lot of room to stretch during normal operation.

The gaps in your garage door's torsion spring are more than just unsightly—they are dangerous. A broken torsion spring can cause the door to come crashing down, potentially injuring anyone who happens to be nearby. So you should always check your garage door spring regularly to ensure it is not broken.

To check for a broken torsion spring, first, close your garage door. Then, locate the spring and look for any gaps in it. Once you have found the break, measure the width of the gap. Finally, compare this measurement to the average length of a torsion spring. Anything wider than usual indicates that your spring has snapped and needs to be replaced immediately.

The Springs Are Rusty or Stretched Out

Another problem you might notice is that the spring looks rusty or stretched out. This signal that the spring is failing and needs replacement. Do not try to use the door as usual, as this could lead to further damage or even injury. Instead, schedule a repair as soon as possible to get your garage door back in top working condition.

Is your garage door's torsion or extension spring broken? Do not take chances with a broken spring. Our team at Titan Garage Doors NE specializes in garage door repairs. As a garage door Omaha company, we can assist with same-day torsion and extension spring system repairs. 

Our garage door spring replacement and repair services are affordable and expertly done. So play it safe and close your garage door. Schedule a garage door repair as soon as you notice any problems to stop further damage to your springs or operating system. Do not delay. Call us today and request free estimates.